Stress Awareness Week – Why tackle workplace stress?

Statistics show that work-related stress is a significant issue with more than 11.5 million working days lost as a result of stress, anxiety or depression. A conservative estimated cost to industry, individuals and the government is reported to be in the region of £5.2 billion a year.

Occupational ill health effects can cause severe physical and psychological conditions in your teams which will lead to increased time taken off for sickness absence, poor productivity, low morale, human errors, high staff turnover, poor performance and an increase in accidents occurring. These reasons alone justify why we should be tackling Work Related Stress.

There are 6 Key Management Standards to focus on to help you combat work related stress in your organisation;

  1. Demands – This includes issues such as workload, the environment and patterns of work
  2. Control – Do the people in your organisation have a voice and input over the way that they work?
  3. Support – Line management, colleagues, encouragement, training and resources
  4. Relationships – Promoting positive working relationships to avoid conflict and dealing with unacceptable behaviour
  5. Role – Do people understand their role and does the organisation ensure roles are not conflicting?
  6. Change – How is organisational change managed and communicated

Make these standards part of your everyday processes and you’ll be on your way to minimising the impact of employees suffering the devastating effects of work related ill health from stress of whom many suffer in silence.

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