Actions ensuring classroom based courses are delivered safely

The day had to arrive at some point where the need for quality face to face training would have to be delivered at our customers request.

The first course to be delivered was First Aid Training and as you’d expect a lot of preparation had to be carried out before to ensure we could deliver safely for everyone. The premises and team had to meet the governments COVID-19 Secure Pledge and we executed the training and assessments outstandingly whilst keeping everyone safe.

Some of the vital actions taken included the following:

  • COVID-19 Risk Assessment taking into account premises and subject matter being taught
  • CoSHH Risk Assessments – taking into account the introduction of new cleaning products,  routines and sanitisers
  • Fire Risk Assessment – to account for emergency situations and the introduction of sanitiser that is highly flammable
  • Personal Protective Equipment Risk Assessments
  • Mental Health Guidance and Support
  • Health Declarations
  • Modification of all practical assessments to ensure social distancing whilst still meeting the awarding body assessment criteria

The training sessions  completed so far have been in the subject of first aid. They have been a great success and we are currently now rolling out face to face training across all courses including the much sought after fire warden training with practical use of fire extinguishers on our live fire rig and also safer moving, handling and positioning of people for the healthcare industry.

One learner kindly took the time to share their feedback with us after the training course via video that you can watch below.


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