Natasha’s Law comes into effect today – are you compliant?

The UK Food Information Ammendment, also known as Natashas Law, comes into effect from 1st October 2021 and will require all food businesses who supply pre packaged food to provide the full ingredients list and allergy labelling on pre-packaged food.

The law has been introduced to protect an estimated 2 million diagnosed food allergy sufferers, giving greater transparency to what is exactly in the pre-packaged food and give food allergy sufferers the confidence to buy.

Why is it called Natasha’s Law?

Natasha Ednan-Laperouse was a 15 year old girl who suffered an allergic reaction after eating an olive, artichoke and tapenade baguette purchased at Pret-a-Manager in Heathrow Airport. Natasha had a sesame allergy and wasn’t aware that sesame seeds had been pre-baked into the products bread and after about 30 minutes into the flight she started to experience breathing difficulties.

After eating the baguette Natasha had a catastrophic severe anaphylactic reaction and died. This could have been avoided if legislation was in place to ensure that all pre-packaged food sold to the public provides labelling which lists the full ingredients and allergy information contained within the product.

If those two words Sesame Seeds were labelled on the packaging then Natasha would of never touched the baguette and her life would have been saved and this is why it is so important for those selling food to get it right and ensure the correct training and food safety systems are in place in their businesses and not to play russian roulette with peoples lives.

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