Food Standards Agency issues warning over unsafe meat

The food standards agency have issued an alert over unsafe to eat meat sold by a unregistered and unapproved Wiltshire vendor over Facebook.

Brand names include Ushqime Organike, Bio UK; Ushqime BIO UK; Ushqime BIO and Wiltshire Farm Products, with all dates affected.

The government agency said cuts of lamb, goat, veal and beef which are being supplied by an ‘unregistered and unapproved’ vendor have not been produced in line with food safety and hygiene laws.

The products had been sold through various Facebook groups before January 15 without going through proper checks and are deemed ‘unsafe’.

When thinking about purchasing food from online vendors advertising on social media platforms make sure that you check that the food business is registered with a local authority and that they have a food hygiene rating. This will then demonstrate that they have been inspected for compliance with the law and hygienic food handling operations by food safety officers.

All food businesses must register and some businesses who supply food of animal origin on a wholesale basis may require a specific approval, either by the local authority or the Food Standards Agency.

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