500,000 Tumble Dryers Recalled over Fire Risk

The government is to order an “unprecedented” recall on upto 500,000 Whirlpool tumble dryers.

There is a fire risk from lint build up that can occur around the rear drum seal, causing lint to fall on to the heater, ignite and cause the machine to burst into flames.

The following brands Hotpoint, Indesit, Creda, Swan and Proline tumble dryers manufactured between April 2004 – September 2015 require the safety modification. This was first highlighted 4 years ago however many machines have still not been modified.

A Whirlpool Corporation spokeswoman said: ‘The crucial message to anyone who still owns an affected dryer and has not already had it modified by Whirlpool is to contact us immediately on 0800 151 0905.

You can also use an online checker by locating the serial code and model number (found on the back of the dryer or on the back of the dryer door) and entering it onto the online checkers at:

safety.hotpoint.eu  or safety.indesit.eu or safety-swan.eu.

Don’t put yourself at risk. Unplug your machine immediately and seek a free modification from the manufacturer before using the machine.

Further product safety information available here.

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