Raising Awareness of Diabetes Management Through Workplace Training

According to the British Diabetic Association, 1 in 15 people in the UK are living with diabetes. This life-changing condition can be complicated to live with, especially at work, where there may be confusion, stigma or misunderstanding from employers and colleagues.

Having a supportive work environment is invaluable for anyone with diabetes, where sugar levels in the blood aren’t regulated sufficiently. This week (10th to 16th of June) is Diabetes Week with 7 days dedicated to raising awareness of diabetes throughout the country.

During the week, information is readily available to companies on how to provide support to staff and clients with diabetes, and how to spot signs of potentially life-threatening emergencies due to diabetes.

Some of the common warning signs of diabetes are:

  1. Dry mouth and feeling thirsty.
  2. Increase in appetite and feeling hungry even after eating.
  3. Frequent need to urinate and/or urine infections.
  4. Excessive tiredness and fatigue.
  5. Unexplained weight loss.
  6. Blurred vision and/or frequent headaches.

If you suspect you may have diabetes or notice these symptoms in a friend or colleague, seek professional medical advice. According to the British Diabetic Association, over 1 million people in the UK may have undiagnosed diabetes and are unaware they are living with this condition.

For people living with diabetes, there are medical, social and psychological changes they will go through, from diagnosis to treatment, sometimes with complications. Living with diabetes means lifestyle changes and monitoring blood sugar levels each day. Events need to be planned more thoroughly and, although having diabetes may make life harder, it should not stand in the way of achieving great things.

Our Essential 6 Diabetes Management Course takes you through the information and best practices you need to know to make those in your working environment aware of diabetes. This is a 1 day course where all delegates receive a certificate of attendance.

The course covers these key themes:

  1. The biology of diabetes, what it is and how it affects the body.
  2. Processes of diabetes management.
  3. Risk assessment and monitoring processes to implement at work.
  4. Living with diabetes, how it feels and the adjustments which need to be made.
  5. Support planning for clients with diabetes, including what to do in an emergency.
  6. Where to find networks for people with diabetes to share experiences and support.

Diabetes can affect almost anyone at any stage of life. It isn’t specific to age, race or gender. Having personnel with knowledge and understanding of diabetes, how to monitor diabetes and how to help those with diabetes is an essential first aid skill applicable to all members of staff. If you would like to learn more about the Essential 6 Diabetes Management Course and see our upcoming course dates, please click here.

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