Unlocking and open for business

Prime Minister Boris Johnson has said that a final decision on easing lockdown in England will be taken on 12 July, as he set out his plans for “living with COVID” from July 19.

As part of the plans, face masks will no longer be legally required, social distancing rules will end, all businesses can reopen and guidance instructing people to work from home where possible will be lifted.

The country has done an excellent job however the returning to work will be a scary thought for some organisations and their employees as they may have lost key members of the team and on return there may be no crucial First Aiders or Fire Wardens.

Essential 6 can help you with your staff training and development in key areas such as First Aid Training and Fire Safety Training. We have a great range of courses that can all be delivered across the UK at your premises or should you only have a couple of people then you could join one of our public courses here.

No matter which sector you work in, coronavirus will be having an impact on your people and their mental health and wellbeing. Our trainers are licenced to deliver a wide range of training services such as the prestigious Mental Health First Aid Training (licenced under Mental Health First Aid England). Read more about these here

If you are into the football, enjoy tonight night. I will be at home cheering England on – is it coming home?

Have a great week!

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