HSE Inspectors out in force for Dust Kills campaign June 2022

The Health and Safety Executive (HSE) have launched a campaign to tackle the problem of respiratory risks and occupational lung disease in construction. The Dust Kills campaign will see HSE inspectors focus on these issues throughout June.

Each year, thousands of people in construction suffer from ill health caused by lung disease due to past exposure to dust at work. These diseases often have a life-changing impact and can result in an early death. The HSE is determined to tackle this problem head-on and make sure that construction workers are protected from the dangers of dust.

The Dust Kills campaign will raise awareness of the dangers of dust exposure and provide information on how to reduce the risks. It will also target construction sites where there is a potential for high levels of dust, and inspectors will be carrying out spot checks to ensure that workers are being properly protected.

The HSE is urging all construction workers to be aware of the dangers of dust and to take steps to protect themselves. If you are working in an environment where there is potential for exposure to dust, make sure you wear the correct protective clothing and follow safe working practices.

HSE’s chief inspector of construction, Sarah Jardine, said: “Occupational lung disease is preventable.

It can have a devastating impact on both the individuals affected and their family.

“Every year, construction workers are dying from diseases caused or made worse by their work. We are urging employers and workers to take the necessary precautions today to protect their long-term lung health.”

Inspectors will be checking control measures are in place to protect workers from inhaling construction dust including Respirable Crystalline Silica (RCS) and wood dust.

Jardine added: “Through our inspection initiatives, inspectors can visit a range of construction sites to check the action businesses are taking to ensure their workers’ health is being protected.

“Through speaking to duty holders we can make sure they have considered the job from start to finish and are effectively managing the risks.

“We want everyone, workers and their employers, to be aware of the risks associated with any task that produces dust and use effective control measures, such as water suppression, extraction and masks, to prevent exposure to dust to ensure they are protected from harm and ill health.”Source HSE

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