HSE Announces end date to First Aid Certificate extensions

First aid cover and qualifications during the coronavirus outbreak

Previously the Health & Safety Executive applied a 3 month extension to expiring qualifications across the following courses:

  • Offshore Medic (OM)
  • Offshore First Aid (OFA)
  • First Aid at Work (FAW)
  • Emergency First Aid at Work (EFAW)

The HSE have now updated their guidance and released the following statement in relation to first aid requalification training in England as follows:

“The first aid training industry in England is confident that enough courses will now be available for all required requalification training to take place. The HSE has therefore agreed a final deadline for requalification for these qualifications of 30 September 2020″

Requalification training in Scotland and Wales

It is accepted that training capacity in Scotland and Wales, and for some parts of the emergency services across Great Britain, might take longer to build.

The deadline for completing requalification training in Scotland and Wales (and in relevant GB emergency services), will therefore be reviewed by HSE over the coming months. Employers or certificate holders should still try to arrange requalification training at the earliest opportunity.

Essential 6 has now resumed first aid training in line with our Covid-19 Risk Assessment and assisting employers across the UK to maintain effective first aid provision across their workforce. Additional measures that we’ve included are as follows:

  • Lessons designed to ensure that there is no close contact between learners and or trainers and a 2m distance is always maintained


  • Sensible adaptions to training and assessment activities have been introduced to achieve and mantain a 2m distance at all times


  • Onsite at Essential 6 training suites we have ensured appropriate handwashing facilities and alcohol hand sanitisers are available for use as learners enter and exit the training room and throughout their time onsite.


  • We have in place a process for preventing those with possible COVID-19 symptoms (fever, a new cough or loss of smell/taste) from entering the classroom.


  • We also have in place a process to manage instances of people who develop symptoms during the delivery of any training.


  • Track & Trace process in place to be notified, then ‘track and trace’ other learners if someone on the course develops symptoms within 2 weeks of attending first aid training.


  • The first aid taught reflects protocols that ensure the safe performance of first aid during the current COVID-19 outbreak and is supported by a body of medical opinion and the Resuscitation Council UK.

For more information contact a member of our support team, 08452723558, [email protected] or expore our First Aid Courses.

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