Have you considered a Defibrillator for your premises?

Last week we were able to visit a client and hand over a Defibrillator to our friends at Hymid Multi shot based out of Torquay, Devon.

Hymid are committed to the welfare of their employees and visitors alike and fully understand the benefits that a defibrillator brings to their organisation in the eventuality of someone experiencing a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA).

We all know that every second counts in medical emergencies and statistics show that in the case of a sudden cardiac arrest (SCA) the chance of survival for the casualty drops by a huge 7-10% for every 60 seconds that passes. Survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest casualties have been reported as high as 74% for those who have received good quality cardio pulmonary resuscitation (C.P.R.) and defibrillation in the first 3 minutes. A defibrillator can be the difference between life and death and you can’t hurt anyone with a defib, well unless you hit them around the head with it.

Every organisation is required to complete an appropriate risk assessment in regards to First Aid provision for their onsite and offsite activity. In the risk assessment you would be required to consider the provision of adequate supplies and equipment in addition to having appropriate trained and competent first aiders who can act promptly, safely and effectively. When considering the contents of a first aid kit we would always factor in the equipment such as plasters, bandages for the wounds and bleeding taking into account the likelihood of injury that could occur.

So if a sudden cardiac arrest or Heart Attack could happen on your premises then the question to ask is “Why haven’t we got a Defibrillator?” this could save a life and necessary in our business!

When completing your risk assessment in first aid you should also ask yourself the following questions;

  • Have we ensured that we have the right and appropriate equipment for a first aid situation
  • What injuries have we had previously
  • How far away from emergency medical equipment could we be at various points on our premises or site as it needs to be accessible quickly
  • If there is a chance of someone having a sudden heart attack/sudden cardiac arrest? if so they will need a defibrillator for their best chance of survival, have we got one
  • Survival rates for SCA casualties drop 7-10% every 60 seconds that passes, could emergency services be with us quickly enough to make a difference
  • Are your premises so large that it would literally take longer than a few minutes to obtain the defibrillator and return to the casualty who needs it
  • Have we enough first aid trained personnel to cover our operations, what happens if a first aider goes on holiday, become sick or have an injury themselves would we be able to cope

Hymid have made a sound investment by purchasing a defibrillator, have been expertly trained by team Essential 6 and now are truly ready with a team of prompt, safe and effective first aiders covering their site with the appropriate equipment in place.

Mark at Hymid said “In terms of delivery (and speaking as an ex St Johns Ambulance Instructor) I am delighted to say that David is certainly the best First Aid Instructor that I have ever witnessed!

Wow what a statement. Essential 6 really try hard to impress our clients, our expert trainers have a vast expanse of experience, deliver enjoyable, thought provoking and practical courses to ensure that we support learners attending and that our feedback is consistently outstanding. Our customer support team are well trained, supportive and always happy to hear from you and provide support as required.

Hymid multishot are ready and prepared and we honestly hope that they don’t need their skills or equipment inside or outside of work. The question now to ask yourself is “How ready are we?”

Should you be returning to work, needing to upskill or renew your training in First Aid or any other subjects from our portfolio then get in touch on 0845 272 3558 or [email protected]

Essential 6 also stock a wide range of defibrillators for purchase such as these here currently on special offer.

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