First Aid 2021 – The 5 Top Messages from the new ERC Guidelines

The European Resuscitation Council has just released the new version of their guidelines for treating First Aid conditions. There are a few key changes to what you may have been doing in the past, so make sure you read through them with your first aid teams. An overview is available to download here.

In addition to the legal requirement for your organisation to have prompt safe and effective first aiders the reality is that First Aid is an extremely important skill to have.

First Aid situations can quickly go from critical to deadly in seconds so ensure that you are fully trained, prepared and have the correct equipment available.

Essential 6 provide a wide range of First Aid Training and we have availability to train at your premises or alternatively come and book yourself on to one of the forthcoming open courses that we run from our Torquay, Exeter and Plymouth venues. Spaces are limited and available to book here.

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