Fire Door Safety Week 23rd – 29th September 2019

Fire door safety week helps to share and encourage good practice. There are a lot of poorly maintained fire doors in the workplace showing signs of wear and tear or are not being used properly.

New research released to support this year’s Fire Door Safety Week states that 3 in 5 care home workers admit serious concerns.

The survey of around 1,000 current and former care home employees also found widespread ignorance about fire doors.

Misconceptions included:

  • 47% didn’t understand the role a fire door plays in containing a fire for a certain time
  • 82% admitted to deliberately keeping a fire door open – defeating its purpose
  • 1 in 5 incorrectly believed that a regular door became a compliant fire door once flame-proof paint was applied
  • 1 in 5 believed – also wrongly – that the gap between the fire door and door frame doesn’t matter
  • 72% had witnessed, or were aware of, fire doors being tampered with, including removing the door closer to make doors easier to open

Fire Safety training by Essential 6 covers these areas as standard in our training delivery. We physically look at doors with course delegates, test knowledge retention and imbed proactive skills amongst our learners. We also provide and execute evacuation strategy training and often tailor our courses to your requirements.

We would urge all businesses to ensure that thy have the proper and up to date fire risk assessments and training in place.

The BWF have provided free resources available here

Essential 6 can provide you with a range of Fire Training courses including the use of extinguishers and live fire training. We deliver fire safety training courses on your site across the UK or at our premises in Torquay, Devon.For further information call or visit our courses here

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