Essential Nutrition and Food Safety for this year’s Healthy Eating Week

This week, many companies are taking part in the British Nutritional Foundation (BNF) Healthy Eating Week taking place between the 10th and 14th of June 2019. During the week, both employers and employees are encouraged to consider healthy eating and drinking as well as their physical activity and sleep patterns.

There are five challenges for Healthy Eating Week which include:

  • Having breakfast each morning.
  • Eating 5 pieces of fruit or vegetables each day.
  • Drinking plenty of water.
  • Getting active through walking, running, sport or individual pursuit.
  • Sleeping well, aiming for uninterrupted sleep overnight.

Promoting healthy eating in the workplace is proven to improve staff morale and wellbeing. It can reduce stress, sickness and staff turnover. It also demonstrates a company’s commitment to the health of its staff and illustrates how having healthy alternatives can increase productivity.

Topics such as nutritional content, choosing fruit and vegetables, planning meals and healthy snacks are covered in Healthy Eating Week. There are also online resources where participants can share recipes and tips with others to gain advice and inspiration for healthy meals.

With any food preparation and dietary changes, having knowledge, understanding and information about food and drink is essential. These tools will assist employees to ensure different food types have been stored correctly and cooked and served with the recipient’s health and safety as the top priority.

Whether preparing a nutritional breakfast, or organising snacks, buffets, corporate lunches, there are always healthy alternatives to explore. Choosing different cereals and fruit is a healthy alternative to a cooked breakfast. Having a range of gluten-free sandwiches, different milk for tea and coffee and leafy salads can cater for a wide variety of different needs and makes sure everyone is included.

Essential 6 has a selection of Food Safety courses designed for employers and employees. These courses are relevant to anyone who handles food and drink within your organisation, either as a refresher of basic skills, or as essential qualifications to work in the food industry. For more information about Food Safety courses and upcoming dates, please click here 


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